We all knew a muggle to be a normal human – no magic – in Harry Potter terms. Some have started using the term muggle to mean someone who doesn’t know how to do Parkour or isn’t good yet. It is often used in a derogatory way by people who don’t practice inclusiveness. We say it is a new parkour practitioner; someone new to the sport, like we all were one day.

We know there will always be people thinking of ways to divide us or put us down. At APEX San Diego we focus on everything that unites us, our shared love of movement, fun, and our sense of adventure.

We understand everyone is on a different journey. We don’t judge, or make fun of, or peer pressure you or make you feel less worthy because of your parkour abilities, how long you’ve been doing Parkour, how old you were when you started, or any reason.

Instead we encourage you to do your best to challenge yourself where you are and push yourself to where you want to go. We believe everyone can get moving. Jump, dance, flow at your pace. You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself.