Rogue Parkour Gym is the premiere performance school and Parkour training center in all Southern California. Located in San Diego, we coach people of all ages in movement and self-expression with Parkour, Breakdancing, Tricking, Freerunning, Juggling, Stunts and so much more. 


You have a lot of choices for your kids exercise classes at the best performance school and Parkour training center in San Diego and outdoors in Balboa Park. We also have Open Gym sessions every single day, rain or shine, atRogue Parkour Gym. Plus always super fun kids activities like Parkour Kids Camps in Summer and all school year, Birthday Parties and Special Events, parkour competitions and competitive parkour team.


Don’t settle for boring. We keep it fresh for all, from beginner to advanced Parkour athletes. You can also explore your body movement with breakdancing, tricking, freerunning, and circus arts, do stunt choreography, even yoga to stretch and soothe after you exercise and play. Rogue Parkour Gym is perfect for people who want a fun, progressive, mental and physical workout that helps you build confidence and moves you.